This is the link to the Real Estate Marketing Specialist  This Link should be clicked on 'After", reading the last paragraph of this report (which by the way you should read, if you are a serious seller ) at this time, or contemplating putting your house on the market in the near future.I urge you to scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the page that displays the broker located in Utah proudly displaying his Marketing Specialist Designation and most importantly the text accompanied along side. (If you are serious about the most up to date reports regarding our local market and especially your town this ""A MUST READ. Just scroll down to the very bottom of the page where the broker indicates that "he" is only one of six brokers in the United States that has this designation. You should then return to our home page and click on "OUR" Marketing Specialist Logo on "our" Home Page below our photo or scroll back up to the first paragraph and click on that first line link and read to the full extent, the meaning and importance of this designation and what it represents and how meaningful and helpful it     will be to a seller.


If you are looking or just thinking about listing your house, I would definitely include Arleen and Mel Beech in the interview process of marketing your house. In the market that we are currently in, we know that we have a strong edge with technology, marketing and will always stay ahead of the curve.


Contact us now for a free advisory consultation. Prior to our meeting you will receive a "personalized" bound book with all the aspects of selling your house and in all probability the book will answer and explain the majority of thee questions and concerns that you may have The remainder of the interview should take no longer then 30 minutes, depending on any additional questions or concerns that you may have. We  will sell your house for full market value with the least amount hassle and inconvenience. We know homeowners sometimes get frustrated with strangers walking through their house. I can assure you that no prospective buyers will be able to preview your house unless they are qualified to buy it, prior to any visits or appointments that are set up.




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